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FIFISH V-EVO Underwater Robot
FIFISH V-EVO Underwater Robot
FIFISH V-EVO Underwater Robot
FIFISH V-EVO Underwater Robot
FIFISH V-EVO Underwater Robot
FIFISH V-EVO Underwater Robot
FIFISH V-EVO Underwater Robot
FIFISH V-EVO Underwater Robot
FIFISH V-EVO Underwater Robot
FIFISH V-EVO Underwater Robot

FIFISH V-EVO Underwater Robot

FIFISH V-EVO is the first underwater drone to combine a 4K · 60FPS high frame-rate camera with 360-degree autonomous movements, giving you the ability to create their own unique and cinematic underwater films and explorations.

    100 m Dive Depth 

    3 Knots Speed 

    2 Knots Flow Resistance 

    10 ∼60°C Operating Temperature 

    Up to 4 Hours  (4 hours stationary, 1 hour Drive)  

    4K Resolution, 60 FPS Camera 

    166° Ultra-wide FOV 

    5000 Lumen LED Lights 


    FIFISH V-EVO by QYSEA delivers 4K UHD video shooting at 60 FPS, along with an ultra-wide 166-degree field of view (FOV). Reach new standards in underwater imaging and capture powerful visuals, both vivid and memorable.


    4K – 60 FPS Camera

    Create epic footage and wonderful underwater moments with FIFISH’s upgraded camera system. Achieve professional-class cinematic shots with ease and optimum smoothness.

    Discover the Whole Picture

    166° Ultra-wide Angle Viewing and Recording

    See the bigger picture and discover an extraordinary world below. Go beyond a conventional underwater lens to achieve a greater impact with your visuals.

    Elevate your Visuals

    Real-time Color Balance and Image Enhancements

    QYSEA’s self-developed and adaptive imaging system lets you see the underwater world in its true vivid colors with dynamic noise reduction. Maximize your underwater vision with FIFISH V-EVO wherever your dives take you.

    See Clearer with AI

    Adaptive AI Sea Plankton Filtering Algorithm

    Using Intelligent imaging algorithms, FIFISH V-EVO naturally filters out white marine flakes caused plankton and bacteria. Create your cinematic shots with maximum clarity.

    Light Up the Seas

    5000 Bright Lumen LED Lights

    Reach beyond the limits of traditional methods, and achieve full 360° freedom in underwater mobility, hovering and posture holds. Turn your creative imagination into cinematic 4K imaging reality.

    Explore Without Limits

    Move and Film with Complete Freedom Underwater

    FISH V-EVO comes equipped with a pair of combined 5000 lumens ∙ 5500 white LED lights. Optimize your vision across the deep sea and restore the colors of the world below, especially through dark and turbid environments.
    360° OmniView Dynamic Camera Movements

    Panning Camera 

    360° Tracking 

    Camera Tilt Shot 

    Barrel Rolls and Transitions 

    First-person View (FPV)  Cinematography 

    VR Immersive Control

    Delivering unique sensory controls powered by the FIFISH app and smart Goggles, take full 360-degree control of FIFISH’s view and path using your own head movement. Smart, accurate and easy to control, empower your dices with the all-new FPV control.

    *VR Goggles sold separately.

    AI Vision Lock

    FIFISH V-EVO’s Vision Lock feature unleashes a range of intuitive capabilities that keep your subjects securely in focus. Determine the position of objects with high precision, adaptively and automatically moving to lock onto subjects in real-time.

    By making a pinch-zoom motion over your screen, the FIFISH will physically and intuitively move closer or further away from the subject of focus.
    Swiping in any of the four directions on your screen -from left, right, up, or down- will allow the user to lock onto new focus points.
    Through pressing on any point of your screen for several seconds, the FIFISH will securely lock itself in its current posture and angle, against any forms of subsea interference.
    With a simple touch, the FIFISH automatically and intuitively adjust its direction and height, moving its new selected area of focus to the center screen.

    Hydrodynamic, fluid and rugged water droplet design delivering minimal resistance to ocean currents and increased dive lengths.